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Ed's Rod Shop - Your traditional 1928 - 1948 Ford restoration shop in Southern Germany

Ed's Rod Shop specializes in preparing and re-building vintage Ford chassis for traditional hotrods and restorations. We provide our customers with restored and modified bare frames, partly built up rolling chassis and right up to turn key restored classics and hotrods. Our attractive workshop rates make it worth the extra mile driving over to Bamberg in Franconia where we are based.



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1932 Ford chassis

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We re-build 1932-48 Ford transmissions, 1939-48 Ford hydraulic brakes, I-beam front ends, Banjo rear axles, open drive conversions etc. We restore early Ford bodywork and can remove years of bad engineering from older cars and make them fit for registration in Europe.


We love Ford's hydraulic brakes and love to fit them to our cars. We can retro-fit your rod with hydraulic drum brakes, later 1939 transmissions and later 59A-B or 8BA flatheads.
'39 Transmissions
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   Chassis restorations

Two beautiful 1932 Ford drivers

Left is a mystery women sitting on her V8 Ford.  On the right Miss Bonnie Parker who stole her 1932 V8 Ford B400.




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